Textile Totems

The Totem Textile exhibition system is special because of his unique ability to attract the attention and for the visual impact it creates.

Textile totems are similar to rollup systems, but unlike these, the print is made on a flexible fabric that stretches perfectly on an aluminum frame.

The ground footprint of a textile totem is very small compared to other models of exposure systems, which is extremely useful both at major exhibition fairs and in smaller spaces.

Through these exposure systems, you can advertise yourself indoors with a high-quality display of your company’s message, in offices or as a studio props.

Also, a textile totem can be used to display the brand’s message in various sectors, such as retail, catering, pharmaceutical industry or medical clinics, as well as public institutions. The special design makes the textile totem attract customer’s looks, and their unique shape makes it the perfect choice to highlight the promotions in shopping centers.

The Textile Totem is the ideal solution for fairs and exhibitions, but it is also often used in:

✓ shops;
✓ showrooms;
✓ receptions;
✓ studios;
✓ offices and interior spaces;
✓ the retail sector;
✓ catering industry;
✓ Pharmaceutical industry;
✓ medical clinics;
✓ public institutions;
✓ shopping centers;
✓ other commercial spaces or traffic of potential customers.

Textile Totems are made up of two main components: a tubular aluminum frame, strong and light, and a high-quality textile print.

The structure can be assembled in just a few minutes thanks to the aluminum frame with interconnectable profile. The easy-to-flex textile print is tense on the structure, providing a powerful visual impact.

The futuristic profile makes textile totems a successful replacement of classic roll-up systems and offers an impressive look.

A textile totem is extremely easy to fit by one person, quickly and without headaches. Also, removing it is easy and the totem is easy to carry.

The textile print is durable, qualitative and washable. The textile fabric can be changed or you can order more textile print patterns for the totem so you can have customized different textile totems that can be used in circumstances or events with different themes.

All totem textile exposure systems come with a bag with handle and wheels to make it easier to carry and store.


✓ Has a unique design to make it easy to notice.
✓ Depending on the models you can choose textiles with two-sided printing or back-fitting, customized with the brand and colors of your company.
✓ Very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport, making it suitable as a portable exposure system for different events, regardless of location (in malls, hypermarkets, sales outlets, promotional campaigns, waiting rooms, halls in congresses, in passages, in receptions, in hotels, in educational institutions, in cinemas, in theaters, in cafes, in bars, at events at airports, at sampling campaigns, at symposiums, etc.).
✓ Can be used as a permanent display in a store, showroom, reception or any other business.
✓ Textile print with extraordinary graphics, no traces of joints, stitches, bending, etc.
✓ You can buy and change the textile component of the totem, depending on your needs, using the same aluminum structure.
✓ You receive the quality guarantee

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