Pop-Up Spider


This type of display and display system improves the quality of an exhibition stand, and as the name says, it is easy to mount by pulling the folding frames that will turn into a pop up in just a few seconds, offering incredible promotion to your business.

They are quickly configured and are used at various events and in promotional venues such as:

✓ commercial showrooms;

✓ exhibitions and fairs;

✓ press conferences;

✓ great openings and events;

✓ backgrounds for weddings, baptisms or other anniversaries.

Pop Up Spider banners represent industry standard for fairs and exhibitions. These are a very popular option because they are portable, very easy to set up and give you maximum backdrop.

eXpoPrint.ro offers you a wide range of pop up spider styles and models customized according to your needs and aiming to attract attention and to send the right message. The best-selling models are the Personalised Pop Up Spider Curved 2×3, but we also offer smaller models for reduced space of 1×3 or larger models where the exposure area is bigger, such as 3×3 or 4×3. We also offer models like: pop up spider business models of a very high quality, pop up spider tower that are ideal for placement in the middle of the crowd, on the passageways or even in the corners.

If you want a premium exhibition stand, we recommend the pop up mark bric in the SnapUp Curb 1×3, 2×3, 3×3 and 3×4 versions, which will provide you with a great visual impact.

Our Pop Up Spider banner products are delivered with LED lamps and other accessories, which will provide you with low-cost lighting for fairs, exhibitions and other events.

LED lamps include a 3m long power cable and a pop up spider structure adapter, which will reduce the number of sockets needed during events.

The versatility of pop up Spider banner systems makes them ideal for fast and easy assembly, but also for dismantling and transport. They are easily transported in a trolley bag that fits in the back of any car.

Pop up Spider banner is one of the best ways to display and exposure in an exhibition stand and are ideal for seasons with many fairs. Pop up Spider is a portable display system. It can even be transported by one person using the 4-wheeled trolley bag. Spider pop up is modular and does not require a team to be mounted. A person assembles a pop up spider in about 5-10 minutes so you can be ready before your competitors without any special instrument or training and lets you focus on other aspects of the exhibition.

The assembly of a Pop Up Spider is extremely easy. The structure rises slightly upwards and is supported by bars to provide high strength and stability. After the structure is raised and the resistance elements are assembled, the graphic panels printed on the magnetic tape with the back on the frame of the exposure system are assembled.

eXpoPrint ecologically prints water-based pigment inks, and all panels benefit from high-quality graphics. Magnetic panels are then specially treated for scratch or breakage resistance, for easy cleaning and a slightly matte look, so during the exhibitions and fairs, the light does not reflect disturbingly and at the same time put the value of your brand image.

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