Photo Video Wall

We produce custom-made backgrounds for photo and video applications, both custom walls that can be used for events, and Green Chroma Key Background for video sessions.

Price custom video photo background or green chroma key

Prices for backgrounds differ depending on the model and size, they are divided into two categories:

Small photo video background: width between 85-200cm x 200cm height.

For these, a roll-up banner mechanism will be used, which allows the background to be rolled in the protection box. The rollup is delivered in a handbag

Large photo background: width 200-600cm x 230cm height.

The large backgrounds are wall type and consist of an aluminum frame with interconnectable elements, with a curved or straight shape, which comes disassembled and delivered in a handbag.

They can be made, on request, in different shapes and sizes.

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Showing all 10 results