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Use Counter Desk or InfoDesk Presentation Systems to meet potential customers and be noticed at fairs with these elegant and attractive ways to expose your message.

Both Counter Desk and Infodesk are excellent in terms of commercial exposures and can be used as extra parts of an exposure or even as a single piece, depending on the situation. All our products aim to transmit your message in an efficient way.

The places where Counter Stores or InfoDesks are located become areas of attraction for customers at trade fairs and offer space for:

✓ display of food products;

✓ display of soft drinks;

✓ Completing documents, and

✓ Shows your professional message or personal artwork.

The Counter Desk and InfoDesk are generally used as demonstration areas, information centers, video presentations, or product displays. These are portable, durable, easy to handle and assemble systems that makes them ideal for use at fairs and exhibitions.

These Counter Desk counters customized on magnetic or textile prints in different shapes and sizes will talk about your business with professionalism and are ideal for exhibitions, presentations, fairs, events, etc.

The Counter Desk can be purchased with graphic film in different attractive colors or can be personalized according to your needs with the company logo or personal artwork. These are produced by eXpoPrint along with the magnetic material foil, and can be changed so that the counter can be used with multiple types of magnetic or textile prints depending on the exhibition stand or fair you are attending.

All expo desks come with transport bags, and the assembling can be done quickly by one person without special tools.

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